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If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can contact us here. Note that for all insomnia related inquiries, due to time constraints I am not able to answer questions unless you are an established client in my practice. As my practice grows I will eventually be providing additional educational resources for everyone.

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Log into your client portal and go to the “schedule appointment” area. The link to our coaching session will be visible. The link is also available at the bottom of your confirmation emails for your appointment. 

The Hopeful Mind accepts schedule changes and cancellations up to 24 hours before your appointment (for a full refund if need be). Your confirmation email at time of booking will contain a link labelled “make changes” that you can follow to change your appointment time.

You can also log in to your client portal here. Once you are logged into your portal, you can either click on any appointment you have, or you can click “bookings”. In any given appointment you’ll see “reschedule” or “cancel” link, assuming you are outside of the 24h limit before your appointment. 

With time slots being limited, it’s very impactful to have sessions with clients cancelled last minute. As per the Terms of Use you agree to at the time of booking, you will be billed for any late cancellations inside 24 hours (exceptions may be made for emergencies). 

You will receive 2 automated reminders of your upcoming appointment via email. Please do not reply to these automated emails. 

If you purchase a sleep coaching session, you may reschedule it provided it’s at least 24 hours from your appointment. Clients who would like a full refund can do so provided they cancel their appointment at least 24 hours before it is scheduled. Packages are non-refundable. 

You may read the full Terms of Use here

I encourage clients to book at a pace that feels right for them. Here are a couple of examples of the ways I typically work with my clients –
1) Some clients prefer to work with me on a consistent basis until they are either recovered or they feel ready to continue on their own. In this case, they may book either once a week or once every 2 weeks. I discourage booking more than once per week since everyone needs time to integrate and implement between sessions.

2) Some clients enjoy being self directed and choose to book more sporadically – perhaps once a month, for “troubleshooting” support as new questions arise.

Packages are a great way for regular clients to save money and book appointments at times that suit them. Once you’ve purchased your package here 

Our booking software will prompt you to “book now using package”. You can select some or all the dates you’d like to book according to your schedule. 

International clients are billed in USD. Canadian clients are billed in their local currency and have additional tax considerations. 

You can obtain support with your booking and billing issues by contacting us here. Thank you.

Your payment method will be billed in full when you book your coaching session or package. You can expect to see TheHopefulMind.com on your credit card statement. 

International clients are billed in US Dollars. 

Sleep coaching is not currently covered by insurance or benefits. 

I offer one-on-one video based coaching for people struggling with insomnia. We work together to overcome your insomnia. 

Overcoming insomnia starts with education – you need to learn why your insomnia is happening and what the road to recovery looks like. For many of us it can be hard to learn, grow, and change on our own – especially when we’re exhausted. Sometimes we need extra structure, guidance, and support. Especially when it comes to working with deeply ingrained things like our thoughts, feelings, habits, and beliefs. A sleep coach is someone who partners with you to provide support, education, and the tools to make recovery possible. You don’t have to go it alone. 

I provide a minimal amount of email support between sessions that is limited to brief questions. For example, I encourage clients to reach out between sessions if they would like clarification on something we discussed during a session, or on a practice I suggested. However, I do not provide full email support (formal email coaching) in between sessions. 


I understand your hesitancy – I felt this way too. Here’s a list of just some of the things I tried before I recovered –

  • Sleeping pills & cannabis
  • Every supplement under the sun
  • Black-out curtains & ear plugs
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Acupuncture & acupressure mats
  • Sleep hypnosis
  • Epsom salt baths
  • Essential oils
  • EMDR therapy
  • CBT-i

Like you, I felt depleted and hopeless from endlessly trying things that didn’t work beyond a few nights.

The approach I use relies on understanding that insomnia isn’t happening TO you, it’s being generated from within you. My approach focuses on inner work so that you can recover on a physical, mental, and emotional level in a way that an external fix cannot provide.

Yes. My approach does not involve medication but is ‘medication neutral’ – meaning it can be beneficial whether or not you are currently on medication. When it comes to medication of any kind – please do what is right for you in collaboration with your doctor. Since I am not a doctor, I cannot provide advice on medications nor supervise tapering.

Working on your mind and its connection to your body (and vice versa) creates powerful outcomes. Both therapy and coaching are great ways to do this kind of work. However, sleep coaching has a different scope of practice. 

We stay focused on helping you recover from your insomnia. You will not receive a clinical assessment or medical diagnosis. We are not going to examine the ‘spark’ of your insomnia, nor are we going to work on resolving trauma from your past. While doing this kind of past-focused work can be very helpful in many situations, focusing on past issues won’t help you resolve your insomnia. 

For this reason, our work together will focus entirely on the present and on building skills and outcomes for the future.

Yes it can! Several clients of mine work with me alongside their therapist or psychiatrist. The work we do together is different and complimentary to your current care. Together we focus on your insomnia recovery, while your therapist/psychiatrist may be supporting you more broadly or providing medication support. If working together feels right for you, I’m here to help.

There is no set timeline for insomnia recovery. I wish I could give you one. Some people may recover in weeks, and others may recover over the course of several months. Having a set timeline in mind can actually create expectations that if not met lead to feelings of failure – all of which we want to avoid. This is something I discuss with my clients, along with how they are measuring progress, to make sure they don’t (unintentionally) impede their recovery by adding unnecessary pressure. When it comes to insomnia recovery, it’s best to release time pressure and acknowledge yourself every step of the way. 

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No, sleep coaching is not presently covered. 

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