Helping people leave insomnia behind so they can start living life again isn’t just my passion, it’s my mission. Here are some of the wonderful people I’ve worked with. 

Success Stories

A special thank you to the people below who’ve participated in my own success story with The Hopeful Mind. It was an honour to be part of your insomnia recovery!

"Michelle is like a miracle when coaching insomnia - not only has she experienced the worst of it, but she can articulate precisely those struggles and how to work with them in order to see through the pain, and feel whole again. She radiates hope, and has been such an inspiration to me!"
"Michelle was such a huge help during my insomnia recovery process, she gave me practical steps on how to process my emotions and really helped me work with my unhelpful thoughts. I always sensed a feeling of calm and contentment when speaking to her about my troubles and this helped massively! Courage and resilience are such important factors when overcoming any health trouble. It always helps to have a coach like Michelle to guide you through the process of finding that inner resilience."
"I had tried everything - supplements, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, NLP, CBT-i (never again!). Nothing helped, until I met Michelle. Michelle helps you learn to disengage with the negative thoughts, befriend wakefulness and ultimately drop the struggle. I've made great leaps in terms of my anxiety and attitude towards insomnia and I am seeing some real glimmers of better sleep now. It’s a mindset that is actually helping me gain greater freedom in other areas of my life too. Michelle is empathetic, so easy to talk to and has a tool or approach to help with all of my fears and struggles. She just ‘gets it’. I’ve found our sessions invaluable and I would highly recommend her to anybody with insomnia. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner."
London, UK
"Talking to Michelle put me at ease just knowing she "gets it". Michelle helped put me on a path of hope. Sometimes you just need someone who has been in your shoes before to tell you it's going to be ok. Michelle has a gentle, loving approach to insomnia recovery centered around mindfulness, acceptance, and compassion which really resonated with me. With Michelle's guidance and support, I have finally been able to begin to emerge on the other side. The tools I learned on my insomnia journey continue to guide me now with all of my life experiences in a more present non-judgemental way. Insomnia recovery can be a long and lonely road and having Michelle's support and reassurance along the way is priceless."
"I had struggled with insomnia for many years and I had tried many different approaches to improving my sleep. I had better sleep hygiene than everyone I knew, yet I still had trouble sleeping. No matter what I did, my mind was almost always active when I was in bed, preventing me from resting. When I started working with Michelle, my sleep actually began to improve. My mindset toward insomnia changed, and we worked through the root cause of insomnia. I've been sleeping better than I have in a long time. Michelle was great to work with as well. She was always very supportive and friendly. talking with her always gave the sense that she genuinely wanted to help. I'm extremely grateful for all that she did!"
"I've had many severe health issues rooted in stress illness since 2014. In 2022, I started experiencing severe insomnia that I knew had "anxiety" at its root, but it overwhelmed me entirely. Michelle helped me on so many levels, primarily by meeting me where I was at, and sharing her own parallels to my experience. I always felt cared for and supported when working with her. Michelle helped me greatly in the practice of acceptance -- not the idea of it, but concrete things I could do to accept what I was going through, and to take care of myself regardless of how hard things were. Now, I don't have sleep problems anymore! But I feel like I'm still relearning how to live my life in a way that actually supports me. Michelle is very knowledgeable, but also very open to new ideas and, most importantly, I can tell she tries to suggest things that she thinks will truly help someone, rather than just imposing stuff she's learned on her clients. She's the best healthcare practitioner I've ever met, and I'm grateful that I was able to find her."
"I was fortunate to have this one-on-one time with Michelle where not a moment was wasted and she gradually got me to understand the huge role that anxiety plays in insomnia. With her help I was able to confront my own anxiety and dissipate its power over me. Along with that came blissful sleep after many months of exhaustion from lack of sleep. The work that Michelle is doing is cutting-edge and I highly recommend her to others who are going through a debilitating episode of insomnia."
"Michelle has been an amazing resource for me and I am so grateful to have found her. My brain felt stuck in fight or flight protection mode - I had night after night of little or no sleep. My physician had recommended CBT-i, but I knew that with my OCD tendencies it wouldn’t work for me. Anyone who has been through insomnia knows how lonely it is. When I told Michelle what I was going through, not only could she empathize, but she had positive ideas on things to try. She gave me hope, encouragement, and assurance when I needed it the most."
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