What is a
sleep coach?

Learn how a sleep coach can help you overcome your insomnia, and share skills you can use for life.



What is a sleep coach

Learn how a sleep coach can help you overcome your insomnia, and share skills you can use for life.

What is a sleep coach and how can they help?

Sleep coaches partner with you to help you overcome chronic insomnia. It’s a process and a relationship that is grounded in mutual commitment and trust. Seeing someone get their life back after struggling with insomnia is always a rewarding experience and an honour to be a part of. You can read more about these experiences in Success Stories. 

Overcoming insomnia starts with education – you need to learn why your insomnia is happening and what the road to recovery looks like. For many of us it can be hard to learn, grow, and change on our own – especially when we’re exhausted. Sometimes we need extra structure, guidance, and support. Especially when it comes to working with deeply ingrained things like our thoughts, feelings, habits, and beliefs. This is where a sleep coach can help. 

How is sleep coaching different from therapy? 

What is Insomnia?

Understanding why you have insomnia is the first step towards your path to recovery.

My role as a sleep coach is to provide you with insomnia education, guidance, and support. We accomplish this by working at your pace in private one-on-one online sessions. These sessions are typically 45 minutes long. This way, you won’t feel rushed and you’ll always have time to ask questions. While clients commonly believe that their insomnia is uniquely severe (I thought this too!), I want you to know you are not broken or beyond help. I work with people who have struggled for weeks to decades (my own insomnia story was 5 years long). The good news is – while you are very unique, your insomnia is not!

What will we work on together in our sessions?

What is insomnia?

The right information is critical to your recovery

New recovery skills and tools

Learn skills you can use for a lifetime


How your brain & body learns and changes

Support your nervous system

Learn how to reinforce safety when it matters the most

Insomnia-crushing behaviors

Create new insomnia-crushing behaviors & re-engage with your life

Navigate your setbacks

Become resilient and confident when speed bumps show up along the way

How is sleep coaching different
from therapy?

Working on your mind and its connection to your body (and vice versa) creates powerful outcomes. Both therapy and coaching are great ways to do this kind of work (and I’m a big fan of therapy! Which is also complimentary to what we do together). However, there are some key differences in scope of practice. 

You will not receive a clinical diagnosis. Additionally, when we partner, we aren’t going to  examine what ‘sparked’ your insomnia, nor are we going to work on resolving trauma from your past. In fact, we aren’t going to focus on the past at all.

While doing this kind of deep dive into your past can be helpful in many situations, focusing on past issues won’t help you resolve your insomnia. For this reason, our work together will focus entirely on the present and on building skills and outcomes for the future.

My sleep coaching is a good fit
for you if you are

My sleep coaching is not
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My sleep coaching is a good fit for you if you are

My sleep coaching is not for you if you are

Easing the anxiety and fear at the core of my insomnia wasn’t easy or fast. My starting place was one of unrelenting fear, panic, and anxiety around not being able to sleep. Sadly, my insomnia struggle carried on for years because I didn’t understand what was happening. I also didn’t know how to get the right help. 

I created The Hopeful Mind so that nobody has to suffer for as long as I did. If you’re tired of trying to figure this out on your own and would like to work with someone with training and firsthand experience – I’m here to help. Let’s partner to support long standing change in your sleep and wellbeing. 

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